The Voltage Optimiser Co - Saves customers up to 18% on their electricity bills every year!
Fuel Bills Spiral Out Of Control!
It's an absolute fact, admitted to by the UK Government, Which Magazine and many other reputable authorities fuel bills are spiralling out of control. Electricity bills for example are set to increase by at least 8.2% per annum! In our opinion by considerably more. 

Based on the basics, with no seen to be cost effective alternative option at hand until now, it's obvious that home owners are seriously at risk of not been able to pay their electricity bills in the very near future! The consequences of that happening doesn't bare thinking about.The elderly, the young, those starting out in life with mortgages to pay, families - it affects everyone!  

It's also likely that many more small to medium companies will find it more difficult to compete and survive! 

We'll show you, via our website, how to make these increases more affordable. How to save money. How affordable Voltage Optimisers really are, how they pay for themselves over a short period of time and how, once fitted, those who fit them are in a position to get every penny of their investment back through our Refer A Friend Scheme! (Explained at point of sale)

Time now, to look after each other. For if we don't...who will?

Voltage Optimisers saves up to 18% on electricity bills!
When a Voltage Optimiser, fitted between power in and the fuse board, determines how much power to give your electrical appliances!
The easiest way to describe how a Voltage Optimiser works in layman's terms is to paint a picture so you can see how it works for yourself. We've opted for the 'bullet point system' allowing us to describe the scenario, via our website, best we can. If you opt to call us in for a quotation, we'll go into more detail when we visit your home or business premise. (Unfortunately we don't have the time to go into in-depth discussions over the phone)

In Layman's Terms!

The National Grid:-
Without being disrespectful to the mammoth amount of effort put into maintaining the system it's reasonable to say that it lacks the investment needed to produce 'a stable voltage system'. Loosely speaking we'll say voltage in equals 240v but it can be less than that and more worryingly much more! 

Your Appliances:-
If you look at the technical data tabs at the back of your washing machines, tumble dryers, dish washers etc you'll see that they need 220v to work at peak performance! Simply put they don't NEED 240v to do the job they are designed to do! Another example of power need says that an average microwave needs 930 watts to do the job it's designed to do! When you switch on any of these appliances you give them 240 - 251v +. Like driving your car down the motorway in third gear... Your energy providers happily rake in the 'extra' via the electricity bill system! 

The additional, non required voltage affects/or can affect your appliances - burn them out quicker! In theory can happen causing you additional expense. 

The Voltage Optimiser:-
Think of 'the optimiser' as being the computer that runs your power supply! Once fitted, when appliances are switched on 'the computer' determines how much power they need to run at peak performance and supply same! No more - no less!

When fitted, the Voltage Optimiser saves money!  From what we have told you so far the cost saving can be 20/30+ volts per appliance! A microwave, considerably more! The savings are immediate and apparent. Your electricity bills from your suppliers immediately reduced by up to 20%. 

The cost of supply and installation can be recovered in 1 - 4 years depending on your usage. Suffice to say, with charges set to spiral out of control, any saving now will be a phenomenal saving in terms of future bills.

Supply/Suppliers/Electricity Bills:-
Pretty easy to figure out now it's been explained to you. You're paying more for your electricity than you need to! Fitting a Voltage Optimiser, as said before, saves you up to 20% on your quarterly/annual electricity bills. Saves you money from the day it's installed! 

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